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Our training program is aimed at developing a community of certified professionals, and providing organizations with the opportunity to ensure their staff are fully trained and proficient in the implementation of ICT products.

Our flexibility allows us to offer you an array of options in which classes may be customized to your particular needs. We can train single employees in a one on one setting or many employees in an instructor led classroom environment, there’s an option to suit you.

Also, our courses are all hands on and students learn by doing. Our instructors are all highly qualified professionals who possess expert knowledge and experience and are able to communicate their skills effectively.

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---Our Training Courses Includes----

ICT Digital Literacy

In today’s world it has become absolutely paramount for individuals of this day and age to acquire the basic IT skills to proficiently use a computer.

This certificate course is designed to identify, develop and certify individuals with requisite skills and knowledge to utilize a computer in the office, home and school environments. It provides people of all ages with the means to increase their IT skills, prove their expertise, improve their academic performance and advance their professional careers.

Combz communications computer-training

Website Design & Development

A few years back, the only way for you to develop a website, was to write all the HTML and CSS codes by hand. These days are however over, thanks to the modern and quickly developing content management systems.

A content management system will make your life as a website developer a whole lot easier, as you will not need to be an expert in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and MySQL to make a highly professional website.

At Combz Communications, you will learn step by step on how to build great website with endless features without writing any code. You can use it to build social network, e-commerce, corporate website, blog and other great websites.


Security & Surveillance (CCTV, Fire Alarm etc)

With recent major technological advances ensuring that CCTV continues to play a major role worldwide in helping to combat criminal and terrorist activity, it is not surprising that our CCTV Training Courses continue to be extremely popular.

Our combination of classroom theory and ‘hands-on’ practical CCTV training courses will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the very latest advancements in CCTV technology. Our CCTV training courses cover the entire CCTV system planning and design process as well as the specification, installation, set up and maintenance of key system components such as cameras, lenses, DVR, NVRs and cabling.