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"We believe security is key to every home & organization, not just from criminals and threat mind you, but with ourselves and others".

Combz Communications has the resources and focused expertise to provide security services when you need it. We place great emphasis on offering reliable solutions that require minimal maintenance & offer high availability.

To all of our clients, we bring 10+ years experience to the information technology community. We offer the perfect solutions for all of your security problems and all of your IT goals. Clients often draw upon our vast experience, to choose the right mix of products, technologies & vendors that all play nicely with each other, thereby guaranteeing maximum up-time.

We Offers High Quality and Reliable security surveillance services which includes sales, supply, installation and maintenance of IP Video Surveillance cameras for Governments, NGOs, Agencies, Corporate Bodies, Companies, Schools, Individuals, etc.

Our certified CCTV installers offer surveillance system, security camera installation and maintenance services. We employ the latest, innovative technologies to meet your surveillance and security needs. From quick-deploy wireless systems to advanced IP based CCTV camera solutions.

During video surveillance installation, we provide network video recorders, an internet protocol based device that sits on a network and can be managed remotely via the Internet.


IP cameras  (also called “network cameras“) is a networked digital video camera that transmits data over a Fast Ethernet link and are most often used for IP surveillance, a digitized and networked version of closed-circuit television (CCTV)

Security cameras have become a common feature of modern security systems. However, technology continues to move forward and analog systems are becoming outdated. More and more facilities are moving away from analog to IP video surveillance systems. There are a number of reasons for this, ranging from budgetary to technological.


IP Surveillance Benefits


An IP camera has the ability to shoot footage between 1 and 5 megapixels. This means that your image quality will be incredibly clear, making it easy to identify any person in your surveillance footage.

Analog cameras typically only shoot footage with about half of a megapixel. IP cameras also have a larger field of view than the analog camera.

Remote Accessiblity

Because cameras are installed over a network, they can be configured to access them remotely.

This capability allows users to start section and watch recorded video at any time from anywhere.

Remote access is particularly ideal for anyone who may need to monitor for security or personal access of a home or property when this person is not in the place.



A digital video recorder (DVR) on an analogue system can’t highlight events and save these out. To find a specific moment, you’ll have to play through all the footage until you find it. For security events that may happen overnight, that means scrubbing through hours of footage.

An IP system can highlight or flag events for you based on specific parameters. These can include motion detection, tampering with the camera, and a range of other events.


An IP surveillance system is fast and easy to install. Our network cameras and encoders offer Power over Ethernet support, which simplifies installation since only one cable is needed for power and video.

Bio-Metric Access Control

Bio-metric Access Control is a system that holds the door for intruders and prevents them from accessing the resources by verifying them as unauthorized persons on the basis of bio-metrics authentication (recognition of human beings by their physical uniqueness). It scans the person and matches his/her bio-metric data with the previously stored information in the database before he/she can access the secured zone or resources. If the compared information matches, the system allows the person to access the resources and vice-versa.

Bio-metric Access Control system is considered to be the best and one of the most secured authentication systems amongst the other access control devices.

Combz Access Control

We Deploy Access Control Beyond Traditional Security.

We can help any organization increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs by enabling integration with a large variety of Time and Attendance products and solutions for HR Purposes.

We supply and maintain smart I.D card solutions, for capturing employee data, printing, laminating and encoding employee smart I.D cards.

We also provide Consultancy, Equipment, and Support for outdoor (Field) Biometric Verification Exercises.

We Improve Organizations Payroll Efficiency.

Modern access control systems can supply data in a format that is readily compatible with payroll packages, so the tedious and error-prone process of entering staff attendance data manually can be completely eliminated.

Even in moderately sized organisations, this leads to useful savings and efficiency improvements in the payroll department and, for larger organisations, the savings can be very substantial.

We Enhance Building Security.

We deploy access control solutions in cooperate building to limit access to specific areas, ensuring that only authorized staff can enter them. Particularly in multiple occupancy buildings, it is often also useful to tie the operation of lifts into the access control system, so that users can only send the lifts to the floors occupied by the company for which they work.